Reflecting on Sway….

It’s a bright, blustery morning, and this is the view out of my office window. Our home is surrounded by hundred year old oaks, swaying and dancing in the wind. On days like today, I am always surprised at how much motion is possible for such thick and mighty trees. Toward the end of my father’s life, he was frightened by the trees moving like this, and would sometimes ask us to draw the blinds. We would have to reassure him like you would a small child, letting him know he was safe and sound. We are careful to fell dangerous trees before the winter sets in, so we are as safe as possible. Yet we never really know what life may bring. Times change, our health may fail, we may even lose loved ones in the flash of an eye. Simply the stresses of day to day living may be enough to grind us down. We must take time to stretch toward the light and drive our roots deep into the ground. Then when the swift winds of change seek to topple us over, we can remain strong. Take time today to dance with the wind, to pull yourself up into the light. Root your feet firmly on the ground, drawing from the core of your being, your beliefs and values. And remember to sway with the wind, because to weather the worst storms, we must be flexible to be strong. Photo by Connie Chintall, with video of swaying trees at


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