Reflecting on the Calm After the Storm….

It’s a cold, clear morning, with temperatures expected to hover around freezing throughout the day. We’re expecting sleet and snow by nightfall, the sort of wintery mix that wreaks havoc with the traffic. So I was drawn to this beautiful photo of bamboo and bells at sunset by my new friend Sloop. I love how the sky is filled with a warm glow, silhouetting the hills and oriental feel of his garden. It’s hard to say if you are in the Caribbean or someplace even more exotic. I doubt Sloop has to worry about sleet, or traffic for that matter. Although St John’s doesn’t experience our winters, a single hurricane can devastate whole communities. This peaceful, serene setting can be easily transformed by a howling, raging storm. In years gone by, I frequently traveled to the panhandle of Florida for work. I experienced more than one hurricane, and was surprised by the force of the storms. Rain worked its way through the seams around the windows, leaving standing water on the floors. Picnic tables were blown over, bending umbrella stands like toothpicks. Newly planted landscaping simply vanished in the wind. Yet the next morning all was calm and peaceful, as if the entire world had been washed clean. Take time today to give thanks for all that life brings you, the storms and the calm. Pray for the storms to wash away the old bark and dead wood, to make room for new growth. Allow the rain to wash your heart and soul, let go of old hurts, make room for new love. When your own words fail you, say the prayer of St Julian of Norwich, ‘All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well’. And remember, even after the worst hurricane, there is always the calm after the storm. Photo by Sloop Jones,


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