Reflecting on Resolution….

A wet, heavy snow fell most of the afternoon yesterday. Our yard looks like a fairy land, with snow coating the shrubs and trees. Temperatures are already climbing, so I doubt it will last long. I am always amazed at how much snow our shrubs can hold. I love how the branches form a gentle arch to carry the heavy load. The new year is a time when many make resolutions, vowing to improve themselves by exercising, or eating better, or improving their minds. Yoga must be one of the popular choices, as my regular Monday morning class was packed. Students arrived early to be sure to get a good spot. It seemed odd to find folks anxious about a yoga class. I don’t know about you, but right after Christmas is the worst time to make a change. When the holiday festivities are through, I tend to be a bit blue, remembering those who are no longer with us. The weather makes me wish I were a bear, and could spend the winter hibernating. It also seems like a year is more than I can manage all at once. So I wait until Lent to make a single change, committing to just 40 days. By then, the first of the bulbs are sprouting, and spring is on the way. Some years I barely make it through the first week. Other years, a change becomes part of my daily routine and may even take on a life of its own. Last year, I started writing these reflections. What started as something personal and private, to recharge my prayer time, has evolved into this blog. Take time today to consider the best way to make a lasting positive change. Ask yourself if now is the best time, or if Lent might be a better option. Start small and slowly find your way, accepting that there will be false starts and setbacks. Commit to a week or month at first, and see how it goes. And remember, even the tiniest branch can carry more than you could ever imagine, gracefully bending under the heavy load. Photo by Connie Chintall


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