Reflecting on Memory….

The morning is damp and grey, and the clay soil is spongy from all the melted snow. As the New Year begins, I seem to float between the past and present, considering what has changed in the last year and what lies ahead. So I was drawn to this fabulous artwork, entitled ‘As if in a Distant Memory’ by my friend Jeanne. I love how the colors blend into one another, interacting and altering elements of the picture. I am always surprised at how the same experience is recalled in such different ways by different people. We may think we are all sharing the same experience, yet how it affects each of us is unique. We may be limited in our perspective by past wounds, or influenced by personal expectations or prejudices. One experience shades another, or blocks our ability to enjoy the present. What we had hoped to put behind us emerges once again. It seems that letting go is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. Take time today to consider how the past affects your view of the present. Step back and allow your view to broaden, to let go of expectations and judgment. Rather than allowing the past to affect today, let each new experience slowly heal the wounds of your past. And remember, when we are gentle with ourselves and others, even difficult memories become like this watercolor. Art by Jeanne Mischo ©2011, used with her permission


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