Reflecting on Calm….

Last night the cooler weather sent storms blowing through our area. As the rain subsided, the heavy clouds reflected the beautiful autumn sunset. So I was drawn to this photo of the early evening sky taken by my friend Ginnie. The clouds seem to go on forever, with the colors so bright that even the trees in the foreground can’t obscure our vision. Sometimes life seems to consist of nothing but storms. We get so caught up in one crisis after another that it can become a bad habit. There can even be days when we’ll manufacture a crisis if life doesn’t conveniently provide one. Yet in the midst of even the most discouraging predicaments, we can carve out time to be calm, to enjoy the beauty between the storms. Last night, as the rain turned the evening commute into a quagmire, my daughter Tori and I waited out the storm in one of our favorite restaurants, eating comfort food. By the time we made our way home, the traffic had cleared out and the skies were ablaze with color. Perhaps the commuters did not have the luxury of stopping. Being stuck in traffic must feel a lot like the disciples caught in the storm while Christ slept. Yet when the disciples called out, Christ calmed not only the storm, but their fears as well. Take time today to look for the beauty that surrounds you, to listen to your favorite music, or read a book. Give yourself permission to pause and enjoy a favorite pastime. Call out to Christ, and allow the healing power of God to conquer your fears and calm your storm. Photo by Virginia Hendrix


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