Reflecting on Distraction….

The leaves are beginning to turn and the ground is losing its green hue, even in the midst of so much rain. The air has an earthy smell, of damp soil and decay. Yet there is so much life if you look for it. So I was drawn to this photo of a young deer by my friend Alexz. The deer is headed in one direction as it gazes back in another direction. The meadow grass is almost as tall as its back, blending in with the deer’s coloring. Without a careful look, it would be easy to miss this deer. How often are we heading in one direction while looking in another? Or thinking about everything except what we are doing right now? We leave home without something we badly need during the day. There can be times when we are so distracted we leave behind something essential, like a passport when departing on an overseas trip. We can become curt and impatient with others, through no fault of their own. We are simply frustrated that we allowed ourselves to become distracted. Psalm 42 begins with the image of a deer, saying our souls yearn for the Lord in the same way the deer longs for cool, clear water. The psalmist is downcast, he longs for the Lord because he has lost his sense of purpose, his true north. He fondly recalls days spent in the House of the Lord, full of joy and contentment. He calls out to God, asking for direction, putting his hope in the Lord. Take time today to focus on what is truly important to you. Don’t get ahead of yourself, just complete what you need to do right now. Write down what needs to be done later, and let go of it until then. Sanctify your work, making all you do a form of prayer, allowing the cool, clear water of God to flow through you and direct you. And even when you aren’t looking where you’re going, you know God is. Photo by Alexz Jade


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