Reflecting on Time….

Warm spring weather has arrived once again. A chorus of birds greeted me as I walked the dog this morning, slowly wandering around our yard. So I was drawn to this original artwork by my friend Colin. I love the vivid colors and the progression of images. We start with an imposing gear on the left, powered by our straining muscles. Then enlightenment leads to a more delicate gear, powered by our minds. Finally our imagination leads us to a gear large enough to hold our whole planet and the space surrounding it. I don’t know about you, but when I let time rule my actions, brawn trumps brains. I tend to run roughshod over others, pushing and shoving to get my own way, on my schedule, not theirs. I talk more than listen, act without thinking, and generally make a mess of things. Whatever short term gains I think I made are soon lost in the mess left for later. If I convince myself I have no time, then I rush through life, existing rather than living. The issue is seldom how much time I have, rather than my attitude toward time. As a young working mother, I often felt this way. Then one morning, I decided to make time to pray. I began to pray in the car when I arrived at work, before heading into the office. At first, I asked God to give me more time. I’m sorry to say this approach failed miserably. Then I prayed to spend my time God’s way, not my way. Things slowly began to change, in barely perceptible yet very significant ways. I became more present to each moment, more dynamic and creative in response to stressful situations. Take time today to offer yourself to God, to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you and in you. Let go of your agenda to make room for the Creator’s plan, allowing the Almighty to guide your ways and guard your heart. And remember, when life seems overwhelming, that each moment, each breath, each sigh is filled to overflowing with a world of possibilities. Text by Connie Chintall ©2012, Art entitled ‘Gears of Time’ by Colin Shea-Blymyer ©2012


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