Reflecting on Abiding Love….

The warmer weather has returned, to remind us summer is not yet over. Those prone to allergies are having a tough time, as the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. For those suffering from migraines, this is a day to simply roll over and pull the covers up over your head. So I was drawn to this photo of Seamus, taken by my young friend Kellen. Seamus is helping Kellen finish her homework, sort of. Mostly, Seamus is abiding with Kellen. The word abide is often misunderstood. The verb abide is equated with the noun abode, meaning your place of residence. To abide means more than to live somewhere. It’s like the difference between a house and a home. To abide means to remain steadfast, to conform, to submit. Abiding love is never ending love, unconditional love, love that submits even when the cost of that love is beyond anything you can imagine. I often use images in intercessory prayer. When someone I care for is undergoing immense challenges, or in great distress, I often picture them like Seamus, as a kitten curled up in the lap of God. Like Seamus caught up in the folds of this beautiful fabric, I picture my loved one enfolded in the abiding love of the Almighty. Too often we think the answer is to be strong, to struggle and fight. Yet that path limits us to a human solution. When faced with overwhelming odds, we must submit to a higher power, to the Author of Creation. No matter what we face, it is but a small thing to the same God who defeated sin and death on the cross. Take time today to rest in the abiding love of God. Let go of what burdens your heart, offering a simple prayer for yourself or for another. And like Seamus, let’s stop to curl up in the lap of God – there is plenty of room for us all. Photo by Kellen Levinson


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