Reflecting on Decisions….

The weather has been unseasonably warm. It feels more like the beginning of summer, rather than the beginning of spring. I spent a lovely afternoon on the deck, watching a pair of hawks in our backyard, and listening to them call to one another. At first I thought our red tailed hawks had returned, until I noticed the markings were different. Once again, we have been graced with a pair of hawks, but this time they are sharp skinned hawks. So I was drawn to this amazing photo, capturing the majestic features of this beautiful bird, taken by my good friend Ryan. Hawks are stunning creatures, regal in a way humans seek, and fail, to mimic. I am always stunned by their alertness and patience, as they scan the fields for prey. After remaining perched and almost motionless for longer than you can imagine, they gracefully and decisively leap into the air to swoop down on their prey. We have even seen hawks grasp copperhead snakes, barely touching down before flying off with their conquest. It’s little wonder that American Indians consider the hawk a powerful reminder to be alert and aware, a totem to view your path ahead with careful consideration. Perhaps you are like me, struggling with the careful consideration part, failing to look before you leap. Or perhaps you struggle with making decisions at all, concerned you’ve missed something and will take the wrong path. Take time today to learn from the hawk, pausing to be ‘Be still, and know that I am God’ ~ Psalm 46:10. Let go of the need to know everything, trusting the Holy Spirit to fill in the gaps. Let go of your own agenda, allowing matters to unfold in God’s time, not yours. And remember, when we take time to see through the eyes of the Most High, we’ll know when to gracefully and decisively forge ahead, following the path our God has prepared for us to walk in. Photo entitled ‘Sharp Skinned Hawk’ by Ryan Wick


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