Reflecting on Consequences….

It’s a flat, grey day, with raindrops making music on the window panes. So I was drawn to this amazing artwork by my friend Jeanne, a photograph enhanced by her deft touch. It seems the sky has become a pale stained glass, splittered into shades of blue and white. The wood could be branches or roots, or a bit of both. The hints of bright color draw our eyes past the wood, and we are left to wonder what lies beyond. How often do we allow ourselves to get caught up in the immediate, swayed by a false sense of urgency? We rush to react, rather than taking the time to thoughtfully consider the best response to the current situation. We speak out in anger, saying things we wish we could take back later. In our haste, relationships suffer at the expense of results. We close doors that we wish could remain open, and after too many missteps, may be barred and locked. Each action has a consequence, perhaps not visible today, or even tomorrow. Each choice sets us down a path, and closes off another alternative. It’s easy to get lost, one step at a time. Yet it is just as easy to slowly find your way back. Take time today to thoughtfully respond to what life brings your way. Slow down and allow yourself to consider the possible consequences of your actions. Ask yourself what you might do in the same situation, suspending judgment and carefully choosing your words. And remember, sometimes the most compassionate response is simply a silent embrace. Artwork entitled ‘Axis Mundi’ by Jeanne Mischo, ©2011, used with her permission


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