Reflecting on Help….

Barely Hanging On by Mike Victorino

The weather has been all over the place lately. This morning is bright and clear, yet cold enough for a frost warning. We can’t seem to catch a break. So I was drawn to this amazing photo by my friend Mike, of a tree that is barely hanging on. It’s been a wet spring and we have all sorts of erosion in our area. It’s tough to undercut a large oak, especially one rooted in Virginia clay. It takes more than one storm, and standing water. So I would wager this grand old tree has weathered way too many storms. I don’t know about you, but there are days, even weeks, when I feel like this tree. I find myself doubting what I’ve always been certain about, no longer confident of what I do know and what I don’t know. Nothing I say or do seems quite right. I’m lost and alone in a foreign land. Yet I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still in my own home, with my family and friends. It’s easy to lash out at times like these, to blame it on everyone else. You just don’t understand, you don’t get it, leave me alone. But of course, being alone is the last thing I want. Perhaps I have watched too many Hollywood movies, and I expect to be chased down and dramatically snapped out of it. At least in my life, that is usually not the case. I end up alone and feeling worse than ever. I have distanced myself from those who care for me the most, those who can best help and support me in this blue funk. I cannot bear up under my burdens, real or perceived, on my own. When life undercuts my roots, my very core, I can only remain standing if I cling to those I love best. I can only make it through with the help and encouragement of those who know me best. Make time today to ask others to abide with you, to accept comfort in the midst of your pain. Open your heart when it seems easier to clamp it shut, listen when you would rather talk, pray when you would rather turn your back on God. Trust the same Lord that created our entire universe in an instant to abide with you in your time of need, to guide your footsteps and guard your heart. And always remember, no matter how much life undercuts your roots, the Alpha and Omega remains with you, your strong and sure foundation. Text by Connie Chintall ©2013, Photo entitled ‘Barely Hanging On’ by Mike Victorino ©2013, All Rights Reserved. To see more of his work, go to


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  1. mark lloyd richardson
    May 14, 2013 @ 15:34:47

    Something you wrote reminded me of a song I love – The Servant Song. The first verse is “Brother, sister, let me serve you, let me be as Christ to you; pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant, too.” A couple I married recently had a good friend sing this song during the ceremony, and though not a wedding song per se, its lyrics are so appropriate to the beginning of a married life. Another verse in the song says, “I will weep when you are weeping; when you laugh, I’ll laugh with you. I will share your joy and sorrow till we’ve seen this journey through.” Blessings to you, Mark


    • seekthesacred
      May 14, 2013 @ 17:16:15

      Thank you for the great comment and reference to the Servant Song. We sing that song in church and I love it as well. We need to be reminded that giving means receiving as well.


  2. Lyn
    May 14, 2013 @ 20:43:59

    Some believe that Christians should never be sad – or at least pretend to be happy but sadly, we live in a broken world, and we still suffer along with all of creation, waiting for the redemption of our minds and our bodies. We have one advantage over those who are not Christians. We have the promises of God that He will never leave us! His promises are true. His word is inviolate! We can move forward because He goes before us. There is none like Him, and He is our loving Heavenly Father. What a wonderful thought! 🙂


    • seekthesacred
      May 14, 2013 @ 21:08:06

      Thank you for reinforcing the idea that God wants all that we are, happy or sad. I love the word abides, how the Lord abides. No matter what life brings, we can always count on God being with us through it all.


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