Reflecting on Depth….

It’s a cool, autumn morning. I’ve often thought September is the best kept secret in Virginia – the days are still warm, but not humid, with clear skies and plenty of fluffy, cumulus clouds. I recall cross country trips when we camped along the way, seeing sites that remain with me almost thirty years later. So I was drawn to this amazing photo by my new friend Glenn, of a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park. Everyone stops to see Old Faithful, dazzled by the geyser’s 100 foot plume. Folks stand around and chat, wait for the next burst of boiling water, then wander off, soon to be replaced by another crowd, and another. Few stop to view the rest of the Upper Geyser Basin, full of mesmerizing hot springs. While Old Faithful spews out its water under pressure, these pools quietly dazzle the eye and awaken the soul. A minute algae creates these vibrant colors, an organism that thrives at temperatures we could not begin to tolerate. It seems to me our faith can be a lot like these geysers and hot springs. In the beginning, we seek out mountain top experiences, returning home after a retreat full of energy and enthusiasm. We hang onto that sense of the beyond for as long as we can, but real life has a way of wearing us down. In time, we learn to cultivate and nurture our faith, attaining a more abiding sense of the Almighty in the every day. We learn to dig deeper, to delve into the recesses of our hearts and souls. We recognize our own limitations, and learn to lean on God, understanding that through our weakness we are made strong. Take time today to look beyond the drab colors of your daily routine, to open your heart and soul to the vibrant colors drawn by the Author of Creation. Allow the Alpha and Omega to guide you, to guard you, and yes, to heal you. Embrace the mystery of the beyond, and accept knowledge that is beyond facts, love that is beyond words. And remember, the Holy of Holies is crafting a beauty greater than you ever imagined possible, even when you’re up to your neck in boiling water. Text by Connie Chintall ©2012, Photo entitled ‘Chromatic Pool’ by Glenn Nagel ©2012, used with her permission. To see more of Glenn’s work, go to


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