Reflecting on Hope….

A slow, soaking rain is washing away the pollen and watering the lovely spring bulbs. The lily of the valley collect the rain on their arched stems, leaning a little more than usual. So I was drawn to this amazing photo of a snake’s head fritillary, taken by my new friend Alana. I love the muted patterns of this flower, the traces of green that still remain on the unopened bulb. Like the lily of the valley, the opened bloom will draw its stem into a graceful arch, too heavy to remain upright. The patterns will become even more vibrant, even more brilliant shades of purple. What we see now is a promise of things to come, a glimpse of what is possible in the days ahead. We are poised between a beginning and ending, unsure of what impact our choices may make, seeking the best way ahead, with limited vision and insight. The patterns of our past may shade our view of the future, color our perceptions of what should be. Each change affects us, altering our lives in ways we may not understand at the time. Yet if we embrace change, if we hold fast to hope, our lives grow into more than we can imagine. Take time today to ponder the patterns of your life, to nurture your hopes and dreams. Pray to see through God’s eyes and hear through God’s ears, trusting the Holy of Holies has prepared the path ahead, the perfect path, just for you. Rest assured that the Author of Creation is walking beside you, no matter how lost you may feel, waiting to gently keep you on track. And remember, when we let go of the pale patterns of the probable, even more vivid shades of the possible burst forth, tracing our lives into a graceful arch. Photo entitled ‘Purple Patterned Flower’ by mylittleleaf, ©2012. To see more of Alana’s work, go to


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