Reflecting on Sleep….

It’s a damp, grey morning and we are taking it slow after enjoying an evening out for dinner and the movies. Rain may fall later in the day, but until then, the moist air is obscuring the view. So I was drawn to this poignant photo by Lee Daniels. A similar bird house hangs in our tree, painted by my daughter as a young child. I am always taken aback by its bright color on days like today. While the earth is brown and the sky is grey, that tiny bird house reminds us this season will give way to new life in the spring. I don’t know about you, but I find myself sleeping more this time of year. If I honor that desire for more sleep, I don’t seem to catch all the colds and viruses everyone is passing around, and I tend to be gentler and more patient with others. Sleep is a greatly undervalued commodity in our society. Everyone rushes around, convinced that doing more and more is the way to get ahead. Yet sometimes we must pause to reconsider our actions, to learn what is best done and left undone. Like a river, we must ebb and flow. Without that rhythm, the river becomes a relentless, destructive force, something we call a flood. Take time today to step back and consider how best to spend your day. Allow time for rest and relaxation, closing your eyes or putting up your feet for even a few minutes. And remember, when you take care of yourself, every day can be a good day, no matter what life brings your way. Photo entitled ‘Winter Sleeps and Dreams of Spring’ by Lee Daniels © 2011, used with his permission. For more of Lee’s photos, visit


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