Reflecting on Gardens….

Today is an England sort of day. It’s raining, but not pouring, and the skies are overcast and grey. So I was drawn to this photo of a beautiful garden on Block Island, taken by my friend Joseph on his honeymoon. The roses are meticulously pruned and really stand out from the surrounding greenery. You can see roses growing close to the ground, shaped as topiaries, and even cascading over a well worn bench. Lavender is planted along the path, adding to the fragrance of the roses. How can anyone resist wanting to stop and pause for at least a few moments? I have never quite understood why the English have gardens and Americans only have landscaping. Our horticultural efforts seldom venture beyond the perimeter of our homes. We seem to create flower beds, or groupings that attract birds and bees, yet stop short of creating a place that attracts people. Perhaps we are too transitory, uncertain of how long we will remain in our current homes, to invest in the time and energy it takes to create, let alone maintain a garden. Yet we cannot underestimate it’s value. Christ chose to spend his last night on earth in a garden, fervently praying and preparing himself for the ultimate sacrifice. When Christ most needed comfort and a place to retreat, He chose the Garden of Gethsemane. Take time today to seek out a garden bench, to pause and pray. Reflect on your current situation and relationships, and allow God to mold and form you for what lies ahead. Take comfort in the beauty that surrounds you, and trust the same God that created this beauty with all your heart. Photo by Joseph Syzdek


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  1. autumntakesme
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 22:32:34

    how serene. reminds me of a bench in strafford upon avon. 😀


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