Reflecting on Wandering….

There is more than one way to travel, and over the years our family has tried them all.  We have taken tightly scheduled bus tours, a cruise ferry across the North Sea, and trips with no particular aim in mind.  I must say I prefer the trips that allow us time to wander.  My friend Betsy just returned from a trip to Paris.  What an awesome place to simply take in what the city has to offer!  I was drawn to this amazing photo of a street performer, playing a colorful accordion amidst an even more colorful display. I can imagine people wandering by and pausing to listen, and showing their appreciation with a few coins. What started out as a stroll down an unknown street becomes a chance encounter with beauty.  This performer offers something for both the eyes and ears, something that sparks the imagination.  The whimsy of her display hints at times gone by, or perhaps a long forgotten fairy tale.  Yet we do not need to board a plane to find such beauty.  We simply need to make time and space for such a chance encounter. Take time today to stroll down a street you haven’t taken before, or drive another way to work.  Pause to drink in unexpected beauty along the way, and allow that simple grace to swell in your heart and feed your soul.  Photo by Betsy Graham Myers


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  1. Betsy Graham Myers
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 16:12:27

    Your writing has a beautiful voice…thanks for sharing it!


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