Reflecting on Struggle….

Another band of showers is blowing through our area this morning. A slow and steady rain is soaking our deck and yard. It is one of those days when staying in bed and curling up with a good book seems like the best option. So I was drawn to this photo taken by my friend Laura. It seems like most restaurants have these claw machines near the entrance. To win, you must position the claw over the desired prize, drop the claw to grasp it, then raise the claw and drop it over the exit chute. Of course, all these tasks must be performed on a time limit. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen anyone win a prize. It seems to me that life can be a lot like this claw machine. We try the same things over and over again, expecting a different answer this time. We rely on our own efforts, hoping at last we will be wiser or faster or simply lucky. We set up time limits, and add even more pressure to difficult situations. Yet we encounter so much in life that defies a human solution. We overestimate our ability to control the world around us, setting ourselves up as God. Perhaps what we truly struggle against is letting go of control. Yet when we do, the divine solution is more than we can ever hope for, or even imagine. God offers a way out that satisfies all, answering all of our prayers. Take time today to let go of what burdens your soul. Let go of your current situation or problem, and let God guide you and guard your heart. Allow the answers to unfold in God’s time, not yours. And when you are tempted to take back control, remember this silly claw machine. Photo by Laura Walters


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