Reflecting on Companions….

Thunder storms cycled through the area this weekend, with the weather alternating between drenching rain and sunny skies. The rain poured down so fast and furious I found myself thinking of Noah’s ark. So I was drawn to this photo of two turkeys, taken by a friend of a friend, Rod Mayo. I am always astonished by how farming has altered the natural shape of the turkey, and how quickly wild turkeys can move. I imagine the animals arriving at the ark, two by two, to join Noah. I remember how I loved this Bible story as a child. The paired animals offer a comforting image, an understanding that we are never alone. Each animal had a companion to join him on this journey into the unknown. And Noah looked a lot like God, with the long beard and flowing robes. It was the first step toward understanding the Christian concept of abiding love. Yet this comforting image was offered along with fearful destruction. So I ponder this story now at a different level. The ground may have been just as parched as in this photo, because before the ark there was no rain, only dew in the mornings. How long would it have to pour rain before the whole earth was flooded? How would you react to Noah’s warnings that water would fall from the sky, so much water that the entire earth would be flooded? There must have been many warnings, many opportunities to join Noah on the ark. Yet other than his family, only the creatures of the earth entered the ark. Take time today to consider what it means to walk with one another on this journey of life. Open your hearts and minds to what others have to say. Deeply listen to their point of view, and seek to learn a greater truth than you thought possible. And always remember, that even in the midst of horrible destruction, you are never alone. Photo by Rod Mayo


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