Reflecting on Needs….

Storms passed through the past few nights, finally offering more than a brief shower. We still need more rain, as the crops are beginning to wither. The corn fields are parched and many of our oak trees, already suffering from the past winter, are none too happy. So I’m not surprised this nest of baby birds was found in an unlikely place. My friend David stumbled upon these tiny babies working on his farm. Their immediate response was to open their mouths to be fed. I was struck by the bright yellow on the inside of their mouths, in contrast to the dark down of their bodies. It seems these baby birds are all mouth and stomach. Their wings are tiny, only growing after the rest of their bodies mature. Perhaps prayer is like these baby birds. We often pray for what we want, yet receive what we need. We often confuse wants with needs, not understanding how one differs from the other. We plead for luxuries at the expense of necessities. Christ taught us to be like a little child before the Lord. A child asks for the basics, for food when hungry, a drink when thirsty, a place to rest when tired. A child prefers simple food, sticking to the basics. By simplymeeting those needs, the child grows with enough left over for activities that are important to them. Like the baby birds, first the body matures, and then the wings develop. With a strong body, the child, like the bird, can grow strong wings and fly away, to soar on high. Take time today to come before the Lord like a little child, to consider what you truly need as compared to what you want. Give thanks for the many blessings that have poured down on you, and seek out ways to help others who are less fortunate. And most importantly accept the answers to your prayers, knowing that like these tiny birds, God always provides what we truly need. Photo by David R Buckwalter


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