Reflecting on Choice….

Clouds keep blowing through, threatening rain but not delivering it. Both the crops and our comfort are crying out for a storm, to soak the ground and cut the humidity. So I was drawn to this photo of clouds at sunset taken by my friend Sarah in the Amazon. I love how the sunset is reflected n the clouds, creating a real life watercolor. I imagine the colors changing moment by moment, as Sarah and her group floats down the Amazon in boats that ride low in the water. I particularly like how the clouds are mirrored in the river, slightly distorted by the ripples on the surface. It seems like they could see forever, until the clouds came to a point in the distance. The way we see this sky is a lot like how we view our lives. Here and now there are too many options, an illusion of infinite choice. The further we look toward the future, the less we can see or even imagine. Our view becomes obscured, or limited by what we see now. Perhaps we feel so overwhelmed that we are unable to make any choice. We float along the same path, hoping life will be different although we simply do the same things, again and again. Yet if we turn inward, and pause to reflect, we know the path ahead, deep inside of our hearts. We understand that God works in all things for the good of those who love Him. All paths lead toward God, who sees and knows the innermost workings of our heart. Take time today to look inward, to allow the Holy Spirit to fill your heart and guide your soul. Then take that leap of faith to follow your heart, trusting that God has prepared more for you than you can imagine, or even hope for. Photo by Sarah Gulick


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