Reflecting on Faith….

There are times when we are not sure where we are headed. We simply put one foot in front of the other, continuing along one step at a time. Yet in this simple forward motion we demonstrate a faith in the future, we cling to hope that more and better things await us. Life would be simple if that path was a straight line. More often, it is a seemingly endless path of twists and turns. So I was drawn to this photo of a tangled tree, taken by my friend David in Connecticut. This tree is a monument of faith, constantly striving toward the sun, the source of life. In engineering, there is a mathematical representation of such growth, called a Poisson random walk. It is a contradiction in terms, really. We usually describe events as either random or not, yet this mathematical construct combines both ideas. In a Poisson random walk, each step is a random choice, yet there is no backtracking. What seems to be a series of random steps always leads to the same destination. Yet each time, a different path leads to the same place. As a young engineering student, I felt that faith was a lot like that path, and this tree. Each step leads us toward our God and Creator, the source of all life and light. Because the path is not straight, each step is a tiny leap of faith, trusting that you are going in the right direction, even when your ultimate goal is not in sight. Even if we do take a wrong step, God transforms those diversions into greater glory. Take time today to consider where you are, and what your next step will be. Trust that while you may not be able to see the whole journey, our Lord and Savior sees all. And know that our God, who is, and was, and will be forever more, is always drawing us toward Him. Photo by David Buckwalter


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