Reflecting on Wonder….

We walked around town while waiting for car repairs yesterday. The air was heavy with humidity, and before long it began to rain. What I would have given to be lost in a field of lavender like this young child! Lavender is like lemonade, lifting the heaviness of a hot day. My friend Deborah has a beautiful lavender farm, where folks can pick their own. My family took many picking trips when I was a child, usually berries or apples. I recall the smell of the fruit clinging to my skin and clothes. I can imagine how much more the lavender scent would envelope you, how easy it would be to get lost in smells and sights of this beautiful field. The way the lavender sways in the wind has an almost hypnotic effect, soothing the mind and soul. The liturgy of Episcopal church is like this field of lavender. There are sights and sounds and smells. The best services weave all these elements together, creating a symphony for the senses. We worship God with our all, soaking in the beauty through eyes and ears and noses. The beauty of the church enhances our worship and glorifies God, the same God who created us all. When it seems impossible to still the mind, to block out the woes of the world or the worries of our own lives, the liturgy breaks through, to free our hearts and our souls. Take time today to allow your soul to soar, in your own sacred space. Become like this child, lost in awe and wonder. Photo by Deborah Williamson, of Seven Oaks Lavender Farm.


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