Reflecting on Transition….

It’s a hot, grey day here in Virginia, with just enough rain to dampen the ground.  I would prefer to be by the water, watching the tide ebb and flow.  My friend Carole took this amazing photo at Harkness State Park in Connecticut.  I love how the water bubbles over the rocks, making the colors more vivid.  At the same time, the rocks are slowly changing shape, gently becoming something new.  It seems to me the Holy Spirit is like this water.  At times, the water of the Holy Spirit pours down on us, drenching our lives and souls.  At other times, God approaches more cautiously, subtly removing our rough edges.  What we perceive as a dead end may open out into a new path, a way we had not considered or even imagined.  Or are we simply slow to discern God’s will for us?  Perhaps like these rocks, we have allowed the dirt and grime of the world to fade our glory. Our brilliant colors only shine through when we are washed with holy water.  Sometimes it takes one huge splash, but more often the process is gradual, gentle, almost a caress.  We change as our perspective changes.  We slowly open our eyes, and gradually receive God’s grace.  Are you in the midst of a transition?  Are there decisions that seem too big, or too difficult to make? Take time to ponder God’s infinite power, and complete sovereignty, over every aspect of creation.  Trust that our Lord has prepared a path for you, and for us all. Photo by Carole Buckwalter © 2011


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  1. Agatha Pace
    Nov 02, 2022 @ 20:04:13

    Thankk you for sharing this


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